Desk Organisation/Ways To Store Cables

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

We've all been there, you're in a rush and need a specific cable but when you do find it, it's a tangled mess with who knows what other cables. Here are some great ways that you can store and organise your cables.

1. Plastic Twisty Ties

These handy little ties used to be regularly discarded in my house, they hold products we buy onto their packaging, but actually, if you do keep hold of them, they are super useful for keeping cables together, either bunched cables as a group or just one cable rolled up to keep it tidy. It also means you're reusing something that would have ended up in the bin. Happy days! I suppose the eco version of this would be to tie some string around them instead.

2. Set Up a Dedicated Charging Station

Get creative and set up your own with an extension lead and your most commonly used chargers plugged in, if you have clients visit regularly it would make sense to have a phone/tablet charging point with Android and Apple Charging points available. If it's a dedicated station you will always know where those cables are. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Alternatively you can buy a fancy bamboo one here, and it gives you a stand for devices whilst they charge.

(Photo from OthoKing's Amazon listing)

3. Cable Ties

Ok, so it might be the obvious one to choose, no hassle, does the job and cheap to buy; cable ties are great for grouping multiple cables together from either behind your PC or to organise the crazy spaghetti like server cables in top secret data vaults, or, you know, your company's not as exciting server room.

4. Magnetic Keepers

For smaller, regularly transported cables like headphones and USB leads, magnetic keepers can stop them unravelling in your bag - just be careful about using magnets near high voltage chargers as they can cause interference. We like these colourful beauties.

5. Cable Management Sleeves

Avoid unsightly cables hanging below your workspace by using a sleeve the same colour as your wall. They are usually easy to cut holes out of too for when a cable needs to divert off to a machine halfway up the sleeve.

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